British Virgin Island Men Losing Their Wives to Wealthy Foreigners

Premier Andrew Fahie

Road Town, Tortola BVI (BVI News February 5th 2016):- BVI Opposition member Andrew Fahie has sounded the warning that, due to what he considers to be the harsh economic condition facing the British Virgin Islands, a number of local men have been losing their wives to foreigners who comes into the territory and are earning bigger bucks.

Fahie, while lamenting the state of the economy, told the House of Assembly yesterday (February 4) that financial hardship is one of the main reasons for divorce, that is why they contact a family lawyer in Toronto, or one closer, to get this set in motion.

“I am telling you when people start to have these financial crises – when you look, husband and wife start broke up. The financial situation is one of the largest reasons that there are divorces.”

“So, the poor chap can’t get any more work; he is trying his best – trying to maintain his family, feeling less of a man because he can’t support his family.” This can often lead to feeling inadequate and paranoid. Am I good enough? Is my wife cheating? How can I be a better husband? These are just some of the questions a husband may have in his head.

“Some wives are struggling along the same way; some single mom [are struggling along] the same way. But when you look premier… the wives get angry because the bills can’t pay. She leaves him, and what happens? Somebody that came in here making the world of money on top us gone with his wife. This is reality what going down,” Fahie lamented.

According to him, while some persons may consider his statement a ‘joke’, law firms have said they’ve seen a surge in the number of divorce cases as a result of financial challenges.

“Some people out there have it as a joke, but this is a serious thing,” he added.

Talk with the banks!

Meanwhile, the opposition member reiterated his call for the government to hold discussions with major players in the banking industry to come up with a strategy to help local people facing financial hardships.

“We have to pay attention to these signs [of financial hardship] and bring in these officials from the banks to sit down and say [to them] ‘what policies have you used that you can effect?” Fahie continued.

“I am not in the government, but I am willing to sit down; I have ideas that I am willing to give the government.”

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