St. Kitts Doctor Joins Prestigious AMGA Board of Directors

The American Medical Group Association (AMGA) is delighted to welcome new members to its esteemed Board of Directors for 2023. Among these distinguished individuals is St.Kitts MD Dr. Marijka Grey, MBA, FACP, a seasoned healthcare professional with a remarkable track record in executive leadership and strategic healthcare transformation. Dr. Grey’s appointment marks a significant milestone not only for her but also for the representation of diverse voices and expertise within AMGA’s leadership.

Dr. Grey brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to the AMGA board. Her journey in healthcare leadership spans various roles, demonstrating a commitment to innovation, excellence, and the pursuit of high-performance healthcare. With a background in clinical medicine, strategic management, and executive leadership, Dr. Grey embodies the multidimensional approach required to navigate the complexities of modern healthcare systems successfully.

In a statement shared via social media this past week about her 2023 appointment to the board, Dr. Grey expressed her deep gratitude and enthusiasm for joining the AMGA Board of Directors. Reflecting on her longstanding connection with AMGA, she remarked, “The American Medical Group Association has always been a safe space for me. I joke that I’ve been coming to this conference since being a baby administrator, and every year I find new friendships (& renew old), exceptional career and business advice, and enjoy the company of leaders whose careers I’ve seen advance over the years along with mine.”

Dr. Grey’s extensive background includes executive leadership roles at renowned healthcare institutions, including her current position as System VP of Ambulatory Transformation and Innovation at CommonSpirit Health. In this capacity, she has spearheaded transformative initiatives aimed at enhancing clinical and operational workflows, leveraging cutting-edge technology, and ensuring a consistent patient experience across multiple states. Her relentless dedication to advancing healthcare delivery aligns seamlessly with AMGA’s mission to drive the next level of high-performance health in America.

Beyond her role at CommonSpirit Health, Dr. Grey has held key positions such as System Director of Transformation Implementation – Physician Enterprise, where she led strategic efforts to envision and deliver the future of healthcare across a vast network of facilities. Her tenure as Chief Medical Officer at Mission Health Care Network in Chattanooga, Tennessee, further underscores her commitment to clinical excellence and population health management.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Dr. Grey serves on the Board of Trustees for the Catholic Health Association of the United States, where she contributes to advancing the Catholic health ministry’s mission of caring for people and communities. Her involvement in various trade associations, including AMGA, reflects her dedication to shaping the future of healthcare and advocating for healthier communities.

As a member of the AMGA Board of Directors, Dr. Grey will play a pivotal role in guiding the association’s strategic direction, fostering collaboration among medical groups and integrated systems of care, and advocating for policies that promote better care, outcomes, and equity in healthcare delivery. Her appointment underscores AMGA’s commitment to inclusivity, innovation, and excellence in leadership, ensuring that the voices of physicians and healthcare leaders from diverse backgrounds are heard and valued.

In conclusion, Dr. Marijka Grey’s appointment to the AMGA Board of Directors represents a significant milestone in her distinguished career and a testament to her unwavering dedication to advancing high-performance healthcare. As she embarks on this new chapter of leadership, Dr. Grey’s vision, expertise, and passion for transformative change will undoubtedly contribute to AMGA’s mission of leading the transformation of healthcare in America.

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