St.Kitts and Nevis Taxpayer Millions Squandered: Abandoned NEW Basseterre High School Project Resurrected Abroad, Exposing PM Drew Led Government Incompetence and Waste

In a surprising twist of fate, the Government of the Republic of Suriname acquired the long-dormant designs for the cancelled Basseterre High School project on St. Kitts. The project, initiated under the former Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris led Team Unity administration, seemed to have been a casualty of shifting priorities. Yet, from the ashes of this abandoned venture, a new opportunity arose.

Under the leadership of former Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris the designs, plans, and environmental impact assessment study had been meticulously completed. Those designs, plans etc were abandoned by the new PM Dr. Hon. Terrance Drew administration despite the fact that  the plans had already consumed $15 million of taxpayer money. The $15 million plans, designs and work done has now been  transplanted, not onto Kittitian soil, but onto the fertile ground of Lelydorp, Suriname.

As construction began anew, the legacy of the New BHS Project was rewritten. What once seemed like a waste of resources now bore fruit in a distant land. The ghost of squandered funds has been exorcised as modern classrooms and advanced facilities beginning to take shape in Lelydorp, Suriname for the benefit of the people there.

The saga of the NEW Basseterre High School on St.Kitts , which initially promised to enrich one nation’s educational landscape, now spanned borders, enriching the lives of students in Suriname. It served as a testament to the immaturity and incompetence of the PM Dr. Hon. Terrance Drew administration who have essentially squandered or abandoned $15million of taxpayers money for purely political reasons. The Drew administration seem not to understand that government is continuous and to simply abandon projects of previous administrations to start same projects all over again is a massive waste of taxpayers money and government resources.

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