St.Kitts and Nevis Citizens take to the airwaves to publicly Lament the Dishonesty and Failures of PM Terrance Drew led Government.

St .Kitts and Nevis continues to go downhill. The hardships are growing.

A female caller on Ambassador Ian Patches Liburd popular call- in programme, Straight talk, poured her distressed heart out over the terrible treatment meted out to her brother Mc Sheen by the dishonest and uncaring Terrance Drew regime.

Her brother is very ill and went to Terrance Drew time after time. Every time Drew made an insincere promise and there is NO solution to her brother’s problem. Efforts with Ombudsman Cipriani Williams also proved futile. Just as was the case with Terrance Drew, Mr Mc Sheen was given a run around by Cipriani and is still awaiting a call back from Cipriani Williams, to get his problem resolved. Workers in St.Kitts and Nevis are getting a terrible deal by this government.

The government has no moral authority to seek redress from the wider public sector bodies or the private sector.  Dr Terrance Drew and his political appointees like Cipriani Williams and others are living off the back of our suffering people with high salaries and perks, meals paid for by tax payers and high cost hotel rooms paid for by the state. It is now everyone for himself. The inner circle of Terrance Drew government is caught up in a cruel web of victimization: harassing people, removing them from PAP, PEACE and other social safety nets all out of political hate and spite. They are wasting the public moneys and doing as they like.

This is no way to govern.

Meanwhile the suffering masses like our double amputee Nolland on Nevis and Mr Mc Sheen cannot get any help from the cruel Drew administration.

Increasingly the voters are realizing that Drew’s government is selfish, arrogant, dishonest and corrupt. It is time to rid the country of this nightmare of a government and restore it to the capable, steady hands of Dr the Hon Timothy Harris. Only Dr Harris can really run our country. Only Harris has truly helped the poor and safe guarded our social safety nets.

Dr Terrance Drew got to go. The poor can take NO MORE.                                                                                                                                                             

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