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Miami, Florida — January 2023 (Acclaim PR) — International entertainer Shinehead kicked off his new year of music milestones with an unexpected viral moment! Shared thousands of times, the wildly diverse artist’s “Yesterday’s Price” video clip has caused quite a stir on the Internet.Here’s how it started. The frenzy spawns from an impromptu video clip of Shinehead freestyling alongside Anthony B, a special guest on Born Fire Music’s weekly “Positive Friday” IG live broadcast. As fate has it, Shinehead just wrapped a dynamic performance on the Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise” on his Kingston 12 Hi Fi sound system with DJ Papalotl, and was just passing thru the Trainline Records studio.An unprecedented jam session of Reggae icons transpired, seeing Shinehead belt out “Yesterday’s Price” melodically. A charismatic Reggae spin on Fat Joe’s infamous words following a Verzuz, Shinehead commanded the mic with an incessant flow. In addition to sounding damn good — the esteemed artist dropped meaningful lyrics. And based on the viral social media presence, it’s clear that both are a driving force.
Shinehead’s ‘Yesterday’s Price’ jam session with Anthony B went viral. Video: @trainlinerecords03
Where Has Shinehead Been?While the majority of comments revered the legend’s great sound, some asked, “Where has he been?” To that he says, “I am right here doing what I love!” As such, the music legend released two outstanding Lover’s Rock gems during the pandemic on UK’s Peckings imprint, including the exhilarating “Never Had a Dream Come True” and “The Makings of You.” Widely respected by music lovers, the former yielded Shinehead’s first music video release in 20 years.Additionally, Shinehead and DJ Papalotl opened a new Kingston 12 Hi Fi studio and event space in downtown Los Angeles; held “Sunday Reggae School” broadcasts; was honored as a music pioneer on International Reggae Day; and scored a celebrated performance in Central Park at VP Records “Dancehall Meets Hip Hop.”
Shinehead is an international artist, who is renowned for his unorthodox fusion of Reggae, Dancehall, Hip Hop and R&B. Photo Credit: @original_shinehead
What’s Next and Music MilestonesShinehead says there will be multiple songs released in 2023 and diehard fans couldn’t be happier. Their quest for his unorthodox fusion of Reggae, Dancehall, Hip Hop and R&B will be met! There’s also a number of forthcoming music milestones. Shinehead’s hit “Jamaican in New York” will celebrate its 30th Anniversary. Meanwhile, the uber creative’s debut album “Unity” is commemorating a 35th Anniversary. The latter is nicely aligned with Hip Hop’s 50th birthday, a genre in which Shinehead has played a pivotal role.

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