Continued Partnership Strengthens Cultural Vibrancy and Community Unity

ST. KITTS, June 6, 2024 (St.Kitts-Nevis Times) — S.L. Horsfords & Co. Ltd reaffirms its commitment to the St. Kitts Music Festival (SKMF) by returning as a SILVER Sponsor for the highly anticipated 2024 edition of the event. This renewal marks another year of collaboration between the Horsfords Group of Companies and one of the region’s most celebrated cultural festivals.

During the handover ceremony, Karen Ford, Head of Sponsorship, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the representatives of S.L. Horsfords & Co. Ltd for their ongoing support of the SKMF. Ford lauded the company’s dedication to fostering cultural vibrancy and community unity through their sponsorship.

Wallis Wilkin, Marketing Manager of S.L. Horsfords & Co. Ltd, emphasized the significance of the longstanding partnership between the company and the St. Kitts Music Festival. “We are delighted to once again be given the opportunity to continue our annual sponsorship and partnership with the St. Kitts Music Festival,” stated Wilkin. “This collaboration exemplifies our dedication to fostering cultural vibrancy and community unity through entertainment, culture, and the universal language of music.”

Wilkin further expressed excitement about contributing to an event that celebrates diversity, creativity, and the rich heritage of St. Kitts and Nevis. The SKMF has long been regarded as a platform for showcasing local and international talent while promoting the unique culture and identity of the Federation.

As preparations for the 2024 edition of the St. Kitts Music Festival continue, the renewed sponsorship from S.L. Horsfords & Co. Ltd reinforces the festival’s position as a cornerstone of cultural expression and community engagement in the Caribbean. With the support of dedicated sponsors like S.L. Horsfords & Co. Ltd, the SKMF is poised to deliver another unforgettable experience for attendees and performers alike, celebrating the spirit of unity and celebration that defines St. Kitts and Nevis.

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