Russia one, US Government nil

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23 March 2019, by Jolly Green

When Syria was taken under the wing of Russia and the man that barrel bombed his people with chemical weapons was adopted as a part of the Russian nasty presidential protection society. The US president Barack Hussein Obama II [known to his friends as Barry] made the statement that Syria would cross the line with the US if they attacked their people again with chemical weapons, well they did, and he did nothing. They did it again and Trump’s two operationally successful military attacks, however, put a massive dent in that argument. But it was too late allowing them the first time after Barry’s warning gave them unwavering confidence.

Nice deal for President Putin. The Russian state put all the money in along with military support for Syria. Putin then gets the credit and payback from Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Can’t get better than that. The fate of Syria is now in Russia’s hands – Over to you, Vlad’ as the US withdraw all its troops from Syria. Of course, Russia’s friends Iran are also elated because they are now left entrenched in Syria.

Now Vladimir is strengthened by his success against the perceived weak US who spend more time on trying to lodge false claims about president Trump than watching what is happening in their backyard. The Russians will soon be going into Venezuela like rats up a drainpipe.

Today two airplanes of the Russian Air Force arrived Venezuela from Syria. 1 Ilyushin Il-62M and 1 Antonov 124.

They arrived at the Venezuelan Maiquetia International Airport. Located in Maiquetía 1162, Vargas, Venezuela and otherwise known as Simón Bolívar International Airport, about 21 kilometers from downtown Caracas, the capital of the country.

I have lots of photo’s but decided not to publish them because to do so may expose the photographer to Maduro’s wrath. It is very obvious from exactly where they were taken.

The aircraft have flown directly from Syria with soldiers arms and equipment. Openly unloading and discharging troop this sunny late March afternoon, a delegation of 99 Russian soldiers arrived at the airport, under the command of the major Vasilly Tonkoshkurov. They were received on the presidential ramp by VA Marianny Mata, director of International Affairs and Integration.

When the US took no action about the Russian aircraft hidden in Trinidad for several weeks the Russians again percieved the US was just a bag of wind.  They knew they were dealing with a dead duck.

The Russians will wait for a day or two, a week or two, but will eventually come to the only conclusion due to perception they can; it’s safe to flood Venezuela with Russian troops and equipment.

Same deal for Putin except in Venezuela there are gold and uranium mines. He will take the gold as his payment; there is no oil or cash, Russia has already taken that. The Iranian allies who will follow close behind will get the uranium, lovely stuff. Venezuela has large deposits in its mineral-rich Bolivar and Tachira states, which have been actively mined by the Iranians since Hugo Chavez did a deal with them in Tehran. This source is also the main supply for North Koreas uranium used in its nuclear warheads now aimed at the US.

The Russians are masters at chess, so unless you continually match and outmatch their moves, they will wipe the board clean and leave you wondering what happened.

Then you will see all the little creeps crawling out of the woodwork in the Caribbean, begging the Russians to use their airports, Ralph Gonsalves will be first in line because his SVG airport is a failure for use in tourism. Welcome Vladimir, no we don’t have US dollars or oil, or Gold and Uranium, but we do have an endless supply of pig-foot and chicken back. What do you mean Russians don’t eat that crap, Vincentians are brought up on it, how about weed. If you legalize it in Russia, you can become King of Weed, that’s green gold you know. I can come to Moscow with all my family on a usual jolly up, you can pay, and I will arrange that we vote for you at the UN.

Как вы думаете, я стал самым богатым человеком в мире, развлекая маленьких толстяков и их семьи..

Uncle Sam, Russia will soon own all your backyard, are you going to allow that. And sooner than you think possible the plan is already hatched. Their faces in the photo tells all.

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