Castries, St. Lucia, 5 August 2022 –On 5 August 2022, Republic Bank (EC) Limited launched its Power to Make a Difference Programme (PMAD) in the Eastern Caribbean. The event which took place at The Harbor Club and streamed live across all territories via Facebook was well attended by various non-governmental organizations, charities, and civil society.

The origins of the PMAD programme can be traced to the Republic Group’s Headquarters in  Trinidad & Tobago in 2003. The launch of PMAD in the Eastern Caribbean further cements the Bank’s long-term commitment to achieving sustainable development across its territories, and is aligned with its UNEP FI Principles for Responsible Banking (PRB) and net zero commitments.

Republic Bank (EC) Limited has also created a PMAD Advisory Council and through their expertise and counsel, the intent is to make informed decisions concerning appropriate programmes that will meet the needs of the region.

According to Michelle Palmer-Keizer, Managing Director of the Bank’s EC operations, the programme will be fueled by,” our four-year investment commitment of EC$1.5 million. She added that, “The Power to Make A Difference programme will support noble initiatives that aim to improve communities through the forging of meaningful, long-standing partnerships with civil society, community groups and non-Governmental organizations.”

The Power to a Make Difference programme encourages collaboration with like-minded partners to create meaningful impact to help build a better tomorrow. As Republic Bank (EC) Limited embarks on its first official year of its Corporate Social Responsibility programme, non-governmental organizations, charities, and civil society are being encouraged to visit the bank’s website to learn more about how they can access funding to support projects aligned with the Bank’s focus areas.


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