Prime Minister-Elect Allan Chastanet Calls on St.Lucians to Come Together in UNITY as one FAMILY !


Allen Chastenet

Allen Chastenet

Prime Minister ELECT of St.Lucia has issued a call for UNITY among St.Lucians in one of his first addresses to the nation on Tuesday morning June 7th just hours after being elected to office in a landslide victory over the incumbent Dr. Kenny Anthony Led St.Lucia Labour Party.

PM Elect Chastaned declared “The work to build a new St. Lucia begins officially today. Again, I would like to thank the Almighty God for allowing His will to be done. It has been a very difficult period for me and my family, but God has helped me through. No doubt, it has also been very difficult for you as well and you have also been carried through by God.”

Chastanet called for an end to the name calling and insults which were prevalent throughout the heated campaign. He called for St.Lucians to come together in UNITY as one Family.

“Elections are over and so, let us put all the name calling, insults and persecution away; let us unite as a family, one nation under God. We all are St. Lucians and we must all work together to build this great nation of ours,” Chastanet Declared

“I categorically state that there will be absolutely NO victimization. As of today, we must see each other as a St. Lucian and NOT a Labour Party supporter of UWP supporter. You elected us to help ALL St. Lucians and that is exactly what we will do,” Chastenet continued

The UWP Leader and now PM Elect Chastanet concluded “Again, I would like to say thank you for having confidence in the United Workers Party and in me to build a new St. Lucia for you!”


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