For Bibi Hussain, April 6, 2018, will forever remain in her memory, as the worst day of her life.

Her story is one she sorely wish to blot from her mind, where she wouldn’t have to mentally relive the horrors of being raped…….

In an interview with the Guyana Guardian at her New Street, New Amsterdam residence where she’s the sole dweller, the elderly woman recounted vividly the details of her alleged rape.

She said a male whom she does not know, came to her house on multiple occasions over the past two weeks at nights and requested entry.

When asked who he was, the man addressed himself only as “a youth man.”

Not knowing who “youth man” was, the woman said she refused to open her door on each occasion.

This, she said, drew the ire of the “youth man,” who retorted with threats of returning.

According to her, that was fulfilled at approximately 6:30 in the evening of April 6 as she was relaxing in her home.

She related that this time, the man who she averaged to be about age 25, came under the pretext of wanting to present her with fry chicken and $1000, adding that she should open the door to receive them.

Jus open de door and collect the money nah,” was the man’s entreaty, Hussain told this publication.

Bluntly stating that she can’t open her door, the undeterred man began to violently slam on the door while insisting he be allowed in.

To her surprise, she said the man started to break down her door, which caused her to panic and hid under a bed from where she began to scream.

But her screams did not deter the determined man who subsequently succeeded in gaining entry into her home where he wasn’t welcomed.

Curiously, it was at this point that this publication questioned the woman on the whereabouts of at least one neighbor, who should’ve at least heard the din of a commotion nearby.
In reply, she said “They somehow just didn’t hear, or “they just didn’t want to hear,”.

As if the terror of having her home being intruded wasn’t enough to scare her, the man, she said, dragged her out and braced her against a wall.

Covering her mouth, he then warned that she shouldn’t again refuse to permit him to come in should he ever return, lest there be serious consequences.

Thinking that it was just a warning, the woman said that the situation got worst when the intruder told her that he “I got to get some. A got to get some right now,” .

He then violently removed her underwear, beat her in the head, and proceeded with the depraved act of raping her.

Hussain told the Guyana Guardian that her trepidation was increased as the man asked her angrily if she wanted him to kill her.

The woman added that the ordeal lasted over 15-20 minutes, during which time he continued to dealt her a few more blows to her face, which compelled her to cooperate.

The man only stopped after he had ejaculated inside of her.

And, as if it would comfort and soothe her from the fact that she was violated by a total stranger, he apologized for all he did to her, which includes breaking down her door, threatening her, hitting her face, and raping her.

Subsequent efforts by her to report the matter to the police was even more horrifying as the officers at the Central Police Station, branded her as insane, while further labeling her as a junkie. (See related story HERE)

As a result of the horrifying experience, Hussain said that she is too scared to sleep in her house at nights, and that she practically roam the streets into the wee hours of the morning, before bunking at acquaintances.

(Editorial note: The victim in this article made no objection to her identity be known, as she is seeking the public help to solve this crime)