Prime Minister Dr. Terrance Drew’s $1000 RESET Leaves Unemployed and Many Ultra Poor Continuing to Struggle

**In a recent announcement, Prime Minister Dr. Terrance Drew unveiled a $1000 RESET initiative aimed at bolstering economic stability. However, it appears that the largesse is reserved for a specific demographic.The RESET plan applies solely to pensioners and actively employed individuals who have diligently contributed to the Social Security fund for a minimum of 26 months since 2019. This means the unemployed and those who haven’t met this threshold are excluded from this financial boost.This revelation has ignited widespread discontent, particularly among the unemployed and a significant portion of the newly recognized “Ultra Poor” citizens and residents. Their outcry stems from the realization that they won’t benefit from this initiative, leaving them in a state of financial vulnerability.Initially, the Prime Minister’s announcement indicated that all registered social security recipients would reap the benefits of this $1000 RESET. However, subsequent disclosures from the social security agency have clarified the stringent criteria for eligibility.As a result, citizens across the nation are expressing their disappointment, asserting that the RESET initiative should be extended to those in dire need, including the unemployed and the ultra poor. They argue that a RESET should encompass a broader spectrum of society, ensuring that those facing the most challenging economic circumstances receive the support they require.

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