Premier Amory confident investigation into police shootings will bring justice


Late Phillo Wallace who was shot by Police

 Basseterre, St. Kitts, October 24, 2015 (SKNIS)—Premier of Nevis, Honourable Vance Amory has said that the actions of the police in Nevis regarding two recent shooting incidents on the island, “cannot be condoned” and the police now have a challenge on their hands. The premier has also assured the public that all is being done to ensure that justice is done regarding the recent police killing in Nevis.

Philo Wallace, a young cricketing prospect, was shot and killed by a police officer last Friday (October 16) in Nevis and the police there has since declared that the matter is being investigated. This was preceded by another shooting incident where a police officer shot and injured a security guard at the popular Nevis night spot “Turtle Time” on Pinneys Beach.

Mr. Amory, a guest on the Government’s radio programme “Working for You,” on Wednesday (October 21) acknowledged both incidents, and expressed sadness at especially the death of Wallace, who he said was one of his “little protégés” and a son of a very good friend of his.

“Clearly this has been traumatic for the whole of St. Kitts and Nevis and I want to say that the police clearly have a challenge on their hands and the actions which we saw over the weekend, clearly cannot be condoned,” Amory said.  The premier added that he will always have a zero tolerance for criminal activity. He noted that the Nevis Police has assured that all would be done to conduct the necessary investigations and take the appropriate action once the investigations have been completed.

A caller to the program Wednesday, questioned the integrity of such investigations because it involves the police investigating itself. But Premier Amory, in response expressed confidence that this investigation can be conducted without bias and will come to a plausible conclusion.

“I think the caller has made a very good case and I don’t think I can add anything except to let the process take its course, see what happens and make sure we get the correct decision out of the investigation,” Premier Amory said.

“I think the caller has a very, very valid point because what I think we need to see is that justice is being done, that the information is gathered, that it is done so that it removes any doubt…I’m sure that the police under the very strict interrogation of the media, they would want to do the right thing and I am sure they will always do the right thing,” the premier added.

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