Pollster Peter Wickham Urges PAM to Consider Coalition with PLP for Electoral Success

Renowned pollster and political analyst, Peter Wickham, has weighed in on the future of the People’s Action Movement (PAM), suggesting that the party must consider engaging in a political arrangement or coalition with Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris’ People’s Labour Party (PLP) to regain office in St. Kitts and Nevis. Wickham asserts that based on political evidence from the past four elections, there is no other viable path for PAM to secure victory.With the announcement of outgoing PAM leader, Hon. Shawn Richards, not seeking re-election at the party’s convention in June, the race for leadership has intensified. While potential candidates for the party’s leadership position have yet to be officially announced, Wickham’s remarks underscore the pressing need for strategic decision-making within PAM.Wickham cites successful coalition models in the region, arguing that a coalition could provide PAM with a viable path to electoral success. He emphasizes the importance of political maturity and pragmatism in understanding the necessity of such alliances.However, PAM Chair and co-host of Island Tea, Azard Gumbs, questioned Wickham’s perspective, advocating for the party’s ability to stand independently in the upcoming elections. Wickham maintains that recent electoral outcomes indicate otherwise, urging PAM to heed the evidence and consider coalition politics as a viable strategy.As the PAM leadership race unfolds and preparations for the next election intensify, Wickham’s insights serve as a catalyst for critical reflection and strategic planning within the party. Ultimately, the electorate will determine the path forward for PAM, with the upcoming leadership convention and subsequent election shaping the party’s trajectory in the political landscape of St. Kitts and Nevis.

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