Pollster Wickham Analyzes Hon. Shawn K. Richards’ Resignation: Calls PAM’s Decision on Team Unity ‘Rushed Judgment’; Advises Coalition with PLP, Emphasizes Dr. Timothy Harris’ Unwavering Popularity

Renowned Caribbean pollster and political strategist, Peter Wickham, has weighed in on the recent political developments in St. Kitts and Nevis where PAM Leader and former Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Shawn Richards has announced his resignation as PAM Leader , declaring PLP’s Dr. Timothy Harris as a widely popular leader. Wickham also expressed his views on the decision of former Deputy Prime Minister Shawn Richards to break up the highly successful Team unity government, describing it as a “huge mistake” and “rushed judgment.”

In Wickham’s assessment, for the People’s Action Movement (PAM) to chart a successful path forward, they must consider forming a partnership with Dr. Timothy Harris’s People’s Labour Party (PLP). He emphasized the importance of strategic alliances in the political landscape, particularly in the aftermath of Richards’ decision.

Wickham highlighted Richards’ move as one of several leadership mistakes, underscoring the need for PAM’s new leader to carefully consider their options. He suggested that coalition-building with PLP could offer a viable way forward for PAM, leveraging Dr. Timothy Harris’s established popularity and political acumen.

As St. Kitts and Nevis navigates through this period of political transition, Wickham’s insights serve as valuable considerations for the parties involved, emphasizing the significance of unity and strategic collaboration in achieving political objectives.

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