Fay Ann Hits ‘Em Below The Belt. Questions Social Media Silence on Spiraling Murder Toll in Trinidad.

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Almost two weeks after her “black” feet made social media headlines and memes, Fay Ann Lyons launched a scathing attack against her critics yesterday, questioning their silence in the face of four brutal murders in La Brea, overnight.

A 69-year-old landlord, a female tenant, her daughter and a 14-year-old female friend of the woman’s daughter, were attacked, chopped and in the case of the elders, bludgeoned to death on Tuesday. Lyons-Alvarez, never one to be silent on matters of social interest, lashed out via a meme that featured the ever contained, Kermit the Frog as he sipped his usual tea. The meme expressed, “One set ah mouth for a foot. Murders in the country- they quiet.” It was all she needed to post to get the public stirred up.

In Trinidad and Tobago, the escalating crime situation bears heavily on the entertainment landscape, with many often lamenting the fear of venturing into certain areas and to certain events based on security concerns. Fay Ann Lyons hastened to chastise the critics yesterday, arguing that her physical appearance had seemingly churned up so much more attention than a situation that certainly warrants much more social interest and dialogue than the appearance of her feet.

The support was definitely relayed to the “Raise” singer, many accepting her point of view and reaction, though via meme. Lyons-Alvarez has maintained a strong position in the Caribbean’s entertainment arena, this despite being one of the most harshly critiqued entertainers in the Diaspora. Her slogan, “stay weird” echoes each time she posts to social media, making it abundantly clear that no matter what the world thinks of her, she will be herself in the face of it all.


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