Blatant Victimisation of Kurtiesse Caines: A Systemic Injustice

Kurtiesse Caines, a highly educated and seasoned Senior Civil Servant in the Ministry of National Security, faces a harrowing ordeal under the current administration. Despite her impressive credentials—an undergraduate degree from UWI and an MBA from the University of South Wales—Caines was abruptly transferred from her substantive role as Assistant Secretary to a seemingly menial position in the Fire Services Department. This transfer, devoid of explanation or justification, has left Caines languishing in a hallway with no responsibilities, desk, or computer, despite her qualifications.

The situation reflects a disturbing trend under Prime Minister Dr. Terrance Drew’s administration, marked by rampant victimisation of civil servants deemed opposition supporters or outspoken professionals. Caines is one of over 300 civil servants who have suffered under this regime’s politics-driven vendettas. Even with a new Permanent Secretary in place, Caines remains sidelined, her talents wasted due to political maneuvering.

This mistreatment raises serious concerns about professional integrity and governmental ethics. Caines’ mismatched assignment, role ambiguity, professional exclusion, and emotional distress highlight the systemic injustice she faces. Despite legal recourse and public awareness efforts, the government remains indifferent to her plight.

Caines’ case underscores the urgent need to halt this destructive practice of victimisation. Our nation’s progress hinges on utilizing the skills of talented professionals like Caines, rather than subjecting them to political retribution. Prime Minister Drew must heed the call to cease this vindictive treatment and restore dignity to civil service. The fate of individuals like Caines and the integrity of our public institutions hang in the balance.

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