PM Drew’s Globe-Trotting Spree: Grenada, New York, DC, and Back Again! Controversy Ignites Over Record-Breaking Travels

St. Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Terrance Drew’s extensive travels continue to be a subject of intense discussion and debate. Most recently, Dr. Drew attended the Ceremonial Opening of Parliament in Grenada, capping off a week that saw him in Washington, DC and New York, with plans to return to Washington, DC this upcoming weekend.Critics have not minced words in chastising both Dr. Drew and his Cabinet for their record-breaking frequency of travel. Reports indicate that more funds have been allocated from the Treasury for overseas trips in this fiscal period than in any comparable period in the nation’s history.Recent revelations about a fourfold increase in Travel Per Diems for Cabinet members, from $100 to $400 per day, have further fueled the controversy. This financial adjustment has drawn sharp scrutiny, prompting calls for greater transparency in the allocation of public resources.Meanwhile, Dr. Terrance Drew’s presence at the Ceremonial State Opening of the Second Session of the Eleventh Parliament in Grenada marked a significant moment in regional diplomacy. The event underscored the collective commitment to progress, unity, and a prosperous future. As discussions surrounding international engagements persist, it remains to be seen how this scrutiny will shape future diplomatic endeavors.

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