PM Drew Sends Home PS Archibald Amid Continued Chaos and Confusion in Ministry of Health

In a dramatic development, Prime Minister Terrance Drew has allegedly made the decision to send home Dr. Sharon Archibald, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, on long leave , amidst escalating chaos and confusion within the ministry.

The turmoil allegedly began when the highly capable and competent Dr. Archibald, handpicked by PM Drew himself to spearhead transformative changes within the ministry, allegedly seemingly disappeared from her role shortly after her appointment as communications allegedly broke down between her office and the office of the Director of Health. Despite initial optimism surrounding her appointment, Dr. Archibald’s alleged absence due to the lack of communication from the office of the Director , left a void in leadership, exacerbating existing challenges within the ministry.

Reports surfaced of an alleged monumental breakdown in communication between Dr. Archibald’s office and the Executive Management of the Hospital. As concerns grew over the declining standards of healthcare delivery, calls for accountability and action went unanswered.

Instead of addressing the root causes of the dysfunction within the ministry, which many point to the office of the Director, PM Drew has allegedly opted to remove Dr. Archibald from her position, a move met with stunned reactions from the public and healthcare professionals alike.

The alleged decision to send home Dr. Archibald on long leave comes amidst mounting pressure for transparency and accountability within the Ministry of Health. As the chaos continues to unfold, questions remain unanswered about the reasons behind Dr. Archibald’s alleged sudden absence and subsequent dismissal.

PM Drew now faces the daunting task of restoring stability and confidence within the Ministry of Health while ensuring the delivery of quality healthcare services to the people of St. Kitts and Nevis. The public eagerly awaits further developments and a clear explanation from the Prime Minister regarding this alleged unprecedented turn of events.

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