St.Maarten: PFP Leader Melissa Gumbs tested positive for COVID-19

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PFP Leader Melissa Gumbs.

PHILIPSBURG— Leader of the Party for Progress (PFP) Melissa Gumbs confirmed in a Facebook post on Monday night that she also tested positive for the COVID-19. Gumbs is the 3rd Member of Parliament that have tested positive thus far.
Last week when Gumbs attended a virtual Parliamentary meeting it was clear that she was exhibiting flu-like symptoms.
In the post-MP Gumbs said that when PFP MP Raeyhon Peterson tested positive for COVID-19, she also did the test and was tested negative, she said despite the negative test result she took the necessary steps and went into isolation while banning all family members and friends from her home. Gumbs further explained two weeks later she re-tested and as expected her result came out positive.

“During my two weeks, I experienced COVID symptoms. I had a fever, I had terrible aches and pains, and I sneezed so often and so hard, I hurt my back. All ‘Rona symptoms, but not as severe as many have had. None of this was a shock to me: that incubation period is no joke, folks!! My coach, Dr. Bernadette Sheridan, told me to expect a positive diagnosis because what I was going through was “the ‘Rona.”
A negative diagnosis does NOT mean throwing away the masks or heading out to the club. This is why it is incredibly important to wear your masks, sanitize your hands and your space, and socially distance to the best of your ability. My isolation continues for another ten days.
I haven’t seen people in two weeks. I haven’t hugged my sister or father in two weeks. But it’s all good, as that is part of protecting the ones we love. So, let’s all continue to do that, guys. Our transmissions are all local transmissions; this means it’s up to US to stop it. Wear your mask. Sanitize your space. Socially distance yourself and if you MUST go to the club/bar/etc, please be sure you can stay away from your parents or at-risk loved ones for at least ten days after.
That’s it for me, ya’ll. Take it easy. WEAR YOUR MASKS. Read a book at home. And keep those who are experiencing the worst of COVID-19 in your thoughts and prayers.”

In the meantime, MP Sidhardt Cookie Bijlani remains at the St. Maarten Medical Center as a COVID-19 patient.

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