People’s Action Movement (PAM) Announces Internal Elections for National Executive Positions-June 2nd, 2024

The People’s Action Movement (PAM) has officially declared that internal elections to fill all positions on the National Executive, including that of National Political Leader, will take place on Sunday, 2nd June 2024, at the PAM Headquarters.

Members of the party are urged to take note of this important announcement and actively participate in the democratic process by submitting nominations and applications for the various positions. The period for nominations and expressions of interest is now open, providing an opportunity for dedicated individuals to step forward and contribute to the leadership of the party.

To facilitate the nomination process, members can send their nominations and applications to the General Secretary at the PAM Secretariat located on Church Street. It is essential for members to engage proactively in this process to ensure a robust and inclusive selection of candidates for the National Executive.

Furthermore, members are advised to familiarize themselves with the Election Rules and Procedures, which are readily available for pickup at the Secretariat. These guidelines outline the framework within which the elections will be conducted, ensuring transparency, fairness, and integrity throughout the process.

For the convenience of members, the Election Rules and Procedures can be obtained on Saturdays between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm at the Secretariat. It is imperative that members acquaint themselves with these regulations to ensure compliance and adherence to the established protocols.

The upcoming internal elections represent a significant opportunity for the People’s Action Movement to reaffirm its commitment to democratic principles and to empower its members in shaping the future direction of the party. By actively participating in the electoral process, members can play a pivotal role in determining the leadership and direction of the PAM.

As the party prepares for this pivotal moment, members are encouraged to stay informed, engaged, and proactive in contributing to the democratic ethos of the People’s Action Movement.


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