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Despite having a tight and pretty packed schedule, the management and members of the SKN Patriots team, were able to take thirty minutes out of their day to accommodate the students of the St.Kitts-Nevis Students’ Association (CaveHill), during their practice session on Saturday 2nd September. 


The students were able to mingle with and meet all players in the SKN Patriots Squad, as well as some of the members of their support staff. During the meet and greet, the students of SKNSA were able to take videos, photos and selfies with the players, as well as receive autographs. Some of the players signed the students’ jerseys and flags.


During the mingle, SKNSA’s P.R.O, Siobhan Phipps asked team player Brooks “When playing against the Barbados Tridents, does the opposition being your home country have an impact?”, Brooks replied with a sound “Of course not!”. Chris Gayle mentioned that he’ll be playing mas with ULTRA at this year’s Sugar Mas and encouraged the students to take part. In addition, upon speaking with Coach Phil Simmons, he was asked how does he feel about the Patriots’ performance for the season thus far, Simmons responded by saying that they’ve lost some and won some but despite it all he’s pleased with their performance, and that he enjoys coaching the Patriots. 


After meeting with the support staff and the players of the SKN Patriots Squad, the students wished them good luck for their game against the Barbados Tridents set for September 3rd at the Kensington Oval and a few students received complimentary tickets from team players to attend the game. 


One of SKNSA’s main goal, is to foster stronger bonds between different groups and organisations within St.Kitts-Nevis and the region to an extent. This Meet and Greet made possible through the efforts of SKNSA’s P.R.O and the support staff of the SKN Patriots was just a step closer to reaching that goal.




Siobhan Phipps

Public Relations Officer (P.R.O) 2017-2018


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