PAM Deputy Political Leader Lincoln David-Pelle Exposes PM Drew-led Government Hypocrisy on CBI Dividend Payments


Deputy Political Leader of the People’s Action Movement (PAM), Lincoln David-Pelle, has sharply criticized the Drew government’s recent decision to forgo the promised Citizenship by Investment (CBI) dividend payments. David-Pelle’s critique highlights the hypocrisy of the government’s sudden shift towards fiscal prudence, a stance that PAM consistently championed during their campaign. During the heated political campaign, PAM leaders, including David-Pelle, warned against the Labour Party’s proposal of CBI dividend payments, labelling it as an ill-advised and unsustainable promise. PAM argued that such populist measures would strain the nation’s finances and jeopardize long-term economic stability. Despite these warnings, the Labour Party pressed on, using the promise as a cornerstone of their campaign strategy. However, the recent announcement by the Drew government to divert these promised dividends into the Development Bank and hurricane preparedness efforts reveals a stark turnaround. This move, framed as a necessity for fiscal prudence, directly echoes the economic principles that PAM advocated. “During the campaign, we were clear that promising CBI dividends were financially irresponsible and unsustainable,” said David-Pelle. “Now, faced with the reality of governing, the Drew administration is adopting the very fiscal strategies they dismissed and criticized. This hypocrisy must be called out.” Pelle emphasized that PAM has always prioritized responsible financial management, advocating for strategic investments that ensure long-term stability and growth. He pointed out that the Labour government’s current stance validates PAM’s warnings and underscores the importance of honest, pragmatic policymaking. “The Drew government’s decision to withhold the CBI dividend payments not only breaks a key campaign promise but also highlights their lack of foresight,” David-Pelle continued. “It’s convenient for them to now see the wisdom in our approach, but the people of St. Kitts and Nevis deserve consistent, transparent leadership, not politically motivated flip-flopping.” David-Pelle’s statements resonate with many who feel misled by campaign promises that were never feasible. His call for accountability and prudent financial management underscores PAM’s commitment to responsible governance and highlights the need for political integrity. As the Drew government grapples with the challenges of balancing campaign promises with fiscal reality, David-Pelle’s critique serves as a reminder of the importance of honest, sustainable policymaking. The people of St. Kitts and Nevis deserve leadership that prioritizes long-term stability over short-term political gains.

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