Other Caricom governments should heed the call of Andrew Holness

Dear Editor,

The new Prime Minister of Jamaica, young Andrew Holness made a very mature call for partnership minutes after he was sworn in as the new head of government of the most populated English-speaking country in the Caribbean. It is a request which should be adopted by all Caricom leaders, especially by those leading governments with a slim majority.

Forty-three-year old Holness whose Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) edged out 70-year-old Portia Simpson-Miller’s People’s National Party (PNP) by 32-31 said the solution to the country’s problems could not be found in the government alone. He added that “to achieve the vision of shared prosperity through inclusive growth and meaningful job creation, now more than ever, government must lead, activate, empower and build real partnerships”. He paid tribute to his predecessor Simpson-Miller for her long and dedicated service to Jamaica, saying that “We should hold hands in co-operation to overcome obstacles for the good of the country.”

Jamaica has numerous problems: massive unemployment, huge debts, mounting crime, etc, and full cooperation is necessary in order to cope. The call is a wise one.

The governments of Guyana and St Vincent and the Grenadines which also have a one-seat majority should work in harmony to combat the enormous problems in those two countries instead of fighting and attacking each other. Unity is strength and the politicians from all parties, regardless of their political affiliation should work in the interest of their countries and peoples and not their personal aggrandizement. They should take the advice of the youngest head of government ‒ the new kid on the block.

The government and the opposition in Antigua and Barbuda are working towards a better relationship. They have agreed to abolish appeals to the Privy Council, There is a rift between the PNM government and the opposition UNC in Trinidad and Tobago. Unfortunately like Guyana there is a racial issue there and this should be eradicated as early as possible.

St Kitts/Nevis Prime Minister Timothy Harris is busy trying to remedy the ills of his predecessor Denzil Douglas. In Belize, the opposition PUP is accusing Prime Minister Dean Barrow of nepotism.

Yours faithfully,

Oscar Ramjeet

Oscar Ramjeet

Oscar Ramjeet

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