Womens Group of the Peoples Labour Party Hosts Successful Mother’s Day Dinner Event

The Women’s Group of the People’s Labour Party (PLP) hosted a highly successful Mother’s Day dinner event over the past weekend, bringing together a large crowd of attendees at the beautiful Railway Bar and Restaurant on Saturday, May 11th. The event served as a platform for honoring mothers who have tragically lost their sons and close relatives due to recent gun violence, highlighting the ongoing challenges faced by communities affected by such incidents.The turnout at the event underscored the continuing growth, development, and popularity of the People’s Labour Party, which has emerged as the fastest-growing political party in the Caribbean. Since its establishment just a decade ago, the PLP has swiftly risen to become the second-largest party in the federation, surpassing other political entities with decades of existence, as demonstrated by the results of the August 2022 general elections.Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris, National Leader of the PLP and 3rd Prime Minister, expressed immense pride, satisfaction, and humility regarding the overwhelming success of the Mother’s Day weekend dinner event. He emphasized the party’s commitment to serving as the voice and champion of the poor, marginalized, victimized, and ostracized people of the country, reflecting on the trust and support bestowed upon the PLP by the nation’s oppressed communities.The mothers honored at the event conveyed their profound gratitude to the People’s Labour Party’s women’s group and its leadership, including Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris, for their acknowledgment and recognition. The event served as a poignant reminder of the importance of solidarity, support, and community empowerment in the face of adversity, demonstrating the PLP’s dedication to uplifting and advocating for the most vulnerable members of society.https://www.facebook.com/share/p/CKjr66CEuKYro5cB/?mibextid=xfxF2i

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