Opposition MP Screams Victimisation whilst Law Firm being Paid Handsome retainer Fee says Hon. Hamilton


Basseterre, St.Kitts (July 28th 2015):-Opposition MP and Chairperson of the St.Kitts-Nevis Labour Party Hon. Marcella Liburd took the opportunity with the House of Assembly sitting to further perpetuate her party’s contention that the new Team UNITY government has engaged in the long storied practice of political victimization. An accusation that the government has vehemently denied and has challenged the Opposition to give clear examples of such a practice. MP Liburd lamented and vigorously pursued her party’s contention despite providing clear cut evidence .

In response however Hon. Eugene Hamilton the government MP for constituency #8 made a stunning revelation to the assembly and the world when he announced that Hon. Marcella Liburd’s law firm of Byrant and Liburd was still on retainer to the government owned National Insurance Co. Ltd. And was paid as recently as last month . A stunned audience in the Parliament gallery gave a loud sigh when Hamilton made the stunning revelation. The audience obviously flabbergasted as to how the Central Basseterre MP Liburd could be lamenting alleged victimization when the same government she accuses of victimization pays her firm a monthly retainer fee for their services.

“After this stunning revelation by MP Hamilton I think MP Marcella  Liburd should be the last person to speak to this matter or  to accuse the UNITY government of victimization when up to now the same government  continues to pay her law firm of Byrant and Liburd a very handsome retainer fee,” said a Political Observer

The new Banking Bill among other things, will seek to bring an end to this,  with clear guidelines which would  prevent firms of members of cabinet from representing government financial institutions as was the case with Hon Liburd’s Byrant and Liburd firm and their relationship with the National Insurance and the Development Bank.

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