Oh, the gigantic potholes on the roads! Driving is a nightmare

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ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI- Blame it on hurricanes Irma and Maria, blame it on the floods of August 7 and 8, 2017, blame it on the many flash floods that caused heavy rains after the storms, blame it on raw sewage running in the streets of Road Town, East End and other parts for months, or blame it on the poor workmanship or Chinese equipment that help with the road works.
But motorists have had it with large potholes on the island of Tortola, some on Virgin Gorda and on Jost van Dyke.
But it appears it is worst on Tortola.
Take a drive from Beef Island to West End or even to Carrot Bay and the potholes on the roads have become very disturbing, depressing and sad. Many motorists have now to contend with poor roads to navigate to their homes, getting to work- at least those with jobs- or even just getting around to do some business. The potholes do not discriminate, as they are located in every district- from 1st to 9th.
Contest for the worst potholes
It seems like the worst potholes are in the 4th District where the Minister for Communications and Works, Hon Mark H. Vanterpool, the man responsible for the road infrastructure, represents.
There is a big one across from the Cutlass Tower building in Road Town that many try to avoid by going into the other lane. Don’t talk about those in East End, Long Look, Paraquita Bay, Carrot Bay and Sea Cows Bay or even the coast line of West End and Cane Garden Bay.
Once you pass Road Reef, heading west and in the area of Prospect Reef, the potholes are so big they will swallow you up.
One motorist, who calls himself Joe Joe, said “the roads are so bad, and can you imagine these police still giving man tickets?…It’s ridiculous, no heart, no compassion,” he said.
Many victims of the big potholes
Yesterday November 8, 2017 a truck transporting materials got stuck in a big pothole in the area of Bouncer Bar in Paraquita Bay. As of post time the truck was still on the road in the hole. It is believed the truck is owned by a former political aspirant.
One can imagine how difficult it is for emergency vehicles to get to their respective destinations. A half an hour delay could result in lives being lost, in the case of a medical emergency, or properties destroyed, in the case of a fire.
But why should we worry about the big potholes that will soon swallow automobiles and pedestrians? After all it was Premier and Minister of Finance Dr The Honourable D. Orlando Smith (AL) who told the world that we are “back on our feet and open for business”.
Then it means these shameful huge potholes are the new norm now that we are “back on our feet”!

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