No Mulleyboy for Soca Monarch! A Travesty!

By SKN Times Writer

BASSETERRE; St. Kitts – DESCRIBED as one of the sweetest songs for Sugar Mas 50, Mulleyboy’s ‘Share De live’ a.k.a. “Log On” was a huge disappointment when many did not see the song on the list for Soca Monarch finals. This song was so cleverly written and not to mention its musical arrangements were superb, as the song was produced by genius producer Gavin Charles.

Mulleyboy whose real name is Kevron Mulley of Mulley Media Entertainment, had everyone singing, “Log onn to Mulley Media”, where his tune encouraged everyone to log on to his social media channels to see all the revelry our Sugar Mas comes with. And that is exactly what many of us do, we are always logging on to Mulley Media’s social media pages because Mulley is always “right dey” capturing the action.

This song has everything, lyrics and a sweet beat that many who loves the art of “wukking up” can appreciate.

So what went wrong?

There has been some rumours that his song did not advance to the finals because perhaps he was not vaccinated against the corona virus.

A few weeks ago, the Carnival Chair, Ms. Shannon Hawley, announced that Carnival would be for only a limited amount of people who are vaccinated.

This would include attendees, participants or competitors, the committee and service providers.

This was the directive from the Task Force.

Many have also been sharing their disappointment on social media about Mulley’s song not making it to the finals:

A young lady wrote: “No study them Mulley, only you song people know”

A Former Soca Monarch King said: “… look like me $500 gone in boy… Good job tho for the first time you made a good piece a song that people liked from day one.”

Another young lady said: “I actually thought you would make it to the finals or even win… the song is 🔥 (fire)

“Boss man, time to push the song across waters. Your song already getting rotated a lot overseas,” said a young man.

Prolific baller Lanimus Archibald said that he personally loved the song and would play it every time he is going to one of his games.

“It gives me a hype feeling, it’s a hit to us people.”

Another fan said the song was road march material while another encouraged him to produce a music video for the song.

But say it ain’t so! No Mulleyboy for Soca Monarch? A complete travesty!

We’ll still be jamming to his music every time we hear it for many more fetes and events to come!

And I agree with one of his supporters this song, is definitely road-march material!

Here are some lyrics from the first verse:

“Every minute, every hour with me camera, (Mulleyboy right dey). Any fete, any dance, you know your boy (Mulley boy right dey). Inception fete, (Mulley dey), Cooler fete, (Mulley dey), Glow Parade (Mulleyboy right dey). In de club, (Mulley dey), down in O.R, (Mulley dey), Sem Pauls (Mulleyboy right dey). Come and join me at the front, at the start of de Carnival, for the 50th anniversary, (tell dem) we belong together. So I’m paging everybody, whether from town or country, come join in the revelry… we belong together.”


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