New Appointment to Nevis Integrity Commission: Attorney Diana Claxton-Whittaker

For over a year following the Nevis Island Assembly Elections on December 12, 2022, the Integrity in Public Life Commission of Nevis awaited the appointment of its third member. Finally, Attorney-At-Law Diana Claxton-Whittaker steps into this crucial role, designated under the rules of the Integrity in Public Life Amendment Ordinance 2023.

The amended legislation outlines a process for such appointments in the absence of a Leader of the Opposition. According to Nevis Premier Mark Brantley, there was no consensus among opposition members on a nominee. However, one member did not oppose Claxton-Whittaker’s appointment.

The initial ordinance stipulated appointments by the Deputy Governor-General, Premier, and Leader of the Opposition. With no Leader of the Opposition, the amendment became necessary. Yet, some members of Nevisian society viewed the amendment skeptically, fearing it could undermine the Commission’s integrity.

Dr. Janice Daniel Hodge, among others, criticized the amendment, arguing it stemmed from an improperly constituted ordinance rather than party dynamics.

Claxton-Whittaker’s appointment signifies a crucial step in maintaining transparency and accountability within Nevisian governance. As she assumes her responsibilities, the hope is for the Commission to continue its vital role in upholding integrity in public life on the island.

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