A Traffic accident took place in the vicinity of New River Estate on the afternoon of Sunday 26th April. The horrific crash a motor vehicle  driven by  Marvin Ross of Cherry Garden and who is said to be an employee of VON radio.

It is being reported that he may have  lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a bridge.
The vehicle hung precariously over the nearby ghut until scores of villagers descended on the scene to observe and provide assistance to the young man who was seriously wounded.

Marvin Ross

Marvin Ross

The removal of the vehicle was a delicate operation as a backhoe operated by Shawn Simmonds of the Public Works Department, ably assisted by a truck with a crane, was used to pull the vehicle back onto the main road.
The Fire and Rescue team then utilized the ‘Jaws of life’ to effectively cut open the vehicle, under the supervision of experienced mechanic, Stanley Grant and ably assisted by the many Police officers on the scene.

It took some 2 hours to get Ross out of the vehicle. . During that time   first aid treatment was rendered by Dr. Essien and Matron Dias, along with other Nurses.
He was then raced to the Alexandra hospital via ambulance.
During the time that the workers were trying to get him free of the vehicle, individuals spoke to him and told him to be calm and he responded. His distraught mother and girlfriend were also on the scene.

Marvin-Ross-one Marvin-two-300x169

Traffic was backed up for at least half a mile from the area of the accident in both directions.