St.Kitts-Nevis is “On Course”

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by Jaemala Rose,  

The Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis is a country on the move. The tremendous work being undertaken by the Team Unity government is testimony to this fact. The Douglas Labourites are frustrated and isolated and now they are coming to the realization that the Labour party under Denzil Douglas is in danger of becoming irrelevant and marginalized. The accomplishments of Team Unity, recognized and acclaimed at home and internationally, are generating compliments and very positive reviews in many prestigious magazines, news media and the IMF. The benefit to the people of SKN is being realized, and support for Douglas is diminishing as more and more labour party supporters are abandoning him. It is biting hard and causing some degree of panic in his camp as reflected in the tone and desperation of the utterances.

It is really shameful that Dr. Douglas, Marcella Liburd, Konris Maynard and Nigel Carty are tarnishing the image of the Labour party through their non-stop spurring of lies after lies. It is astonishing that they have no restrain, no standard, no ethical and spiritual limits to deter them from constantly and deliberately speaking and writing misleading and deceptive information. Their policy appears to be ‘if we cannot govern then let us destroy’. Despite the growth and progress being made in SKN, substantiated by the IMF, they create their own facts, like Donald Trump, without regard to truth and civic responsibility. As their political base erodes and joins PLP, and the Team Unity train, expect more desperate, disgraceful, reckless and derogatory pronouncements and unpatriotic behavior. It is always a painful experience as a proud national of SKN to listen to their program on Freedom FM as they massacre the image of our country in the name of petty and cheap politics.

Dr. Douglas and his team of ‘country slaughterers’ need to understand that the facts will not be concealed or varnished into thin air. 
The Team Unity government has embarked on a ‘development spree’ in both St. Kitts and Nevis specifically designed for inclusive growth to bring prosperity to all our people and economic sustainability to the Federation.
New Hotels, new cruise ship pier, healthcare improvement, tourism expansion, poverty reduction, road resurfacing and repair, job creation and opportunities, electoral reform, youth empowerment community programs, environmental protection policies, the East Bus Terminal and infrastructure work at Old Road are just a few areas on the 2018 agenda of the Team Unity government. 
The state of the art new Basseterre High School to be constructed is creating a real buzz and eager expectation. Team Unity has wisely selected a pathway that leads to economic growth and social transformation of SKN.

Lest we forget the economic decay disguised as economic activity under Denzil Douglas in his last term as PM. There were wasteful, unsustainable expenditures undertaken only for political expediency to benefit Dr. Douglas, and the country was left sailing way off course without a navigational system or plan. He was prepared to sail SKN aimlessly off course as long as he remained as Prime Minister without any regards to who drowned due to economic and financial suffocation. We have seen and experienced Dr. Douglas as captain, and he lacks the management skills and temperament to lead a crew and country. He has dictatorship instincts and tendencies and thankfully his removal and replacement as the leader of the Labour party is in the works.

Since becoming the Prime Minister of SKN, Dr. Timothy Harris has distinguished himself as a statesman and his stature has grown exponentially with all the people of our twin islands. He is beloved because people has seen and found a leader who cares and whom they can trust. Timothy Harris has opened his heart to Labour, PAM, CCM, NRP and PLP supporters and is forging relationships across political parties. The old saying, ‘united we stand, divided we fall’ is still true and the more bridges that Dr. Harris can build as Prime Minister augers well for a more united and stronger Federation.

When we read and listen to some Labour diehards in the local media, you would think that St. Kitts and Nevis is in the intensive care unit of a hospital and only Dr. Douglas must operate to bring healing. 
However, given the change in 2015 and the new dispensation to bond together in UNITY, why would a general practitioner want to perform surgical operations on SKN? He is way out of his league and such a doctor should never be allowed in the surgical theater to operate.
With the tremendous progress made by Team Unity government with Dr. Timothy Harris at the helm, SKN has been elevated way out of the league of Dr. Douglas, and given his shortcoming in vision, stature and leadership, he will never again reach high enough to pull SKN down into his cesspool of toxicity, corruption and brokenness. 
Under Dr. Harris astute leadership, SKN has risen to new heights and this upwardly projection will continue.

Keep the faith with Team Unity St. Kitts and Nevis, the ship is on course to more progress and prosperity with Captain Timothy Harris at the controls.

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