Eight (8) St.Kitts-Nevis Cuban Scholarship  recipients were not only lauded with congratulatory remarks and words of encouragement at a reception held at the  Cuban Embassy but also admonished to become Ambassadors of the Federation. This Admonition came from Ag. Prime Minister the Hon. Shawn K. Richards. The students including Monique Harry, Simoneth Williams, Davishorn Buckshon, Tishima Browne and Jeffvancia Matthew who will be studying Medicine and Ava Spencer-Crawford and Carrie Bussue who will study Health Technology; and Andre Hanley who will study Civil Engineering were all encouraged to not only be good students but also reputable representatives and ambassadors of the federation .


Ag Prime Minister Richards asked the students to view the scholarship as a privilege.


“I want to say to you the recipients that you have been given an opportunity that many more persons would have been happy to take advantage of.”


The Minister of Education further encouraged the recipients to make their educational experience a holistic one.


“Going off to study is not just about what you learn within the walls of the university or the classroom; it is much more than that.”


He enlightened the recipients of the scholarship of the benefit of being exposed to learning a foreign language.


“When you come back to St. Kitts and Nevis, you come back not only as an expert in the area you would have gone off to study but you come back also with the advantage of being able to speak a second language, as the world becomes more globalized.”


Also, the minister admonished the recipients to be reputable representatives of the Federation.


“You will be ambassadors for St. Kitts and Nevis while you are in Cuba and so apart from having your own self-respect and wanting to ensure that you carry and portray yourself in a certain manner, also remember you will be looked at as students of St. Kitts and Nevis.”


In concluding his remarks, the Minister of Education apprised the students that pursuing higher education will encompass difficulties but that their resilience to attain their goals should be their drive to succeed.


“You will encounter challenges, but challenges are a part of life and I do believe that challenges help to build character.”

To date, over 106 citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis have graduated from Cuban universities under the bilateral cooperation agreement between both countries . The eight (8) new scholarship recipients will increase the current number of students from the Federation studying in Cuba to forty-three (43).

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