St.Kitts and Nevis Minister Samal Duggins has once again left the country this time he is off to Costa Rica for his second trip there since becoming Minister of Agriculture 1 year ago. He will be attending a meeting at the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) .His frequent travel has raised eyebrows and invited criticism from various quarters. The IICA meeting is a gathering that fosters collaboration and promotes agricultural development in the region. It brings together leaders from different countries to discuss innovative strategies and solutions to address pressing agricultural challenges. Duggins’ recurrent international trips have sparked concerns among citizens . Critics argue that his frequent absence from the country is hindering the effective governance and coordination of domestic policies. Additionally, questions have been raised about the significant expenses incurred in organizing and participating in these trips which in many cases can be facilitated through zoom meetings Supporters of Minister Duggins, however, defend his travel as necessary for representing the country’s interests on the international stage and fostering diplomatic ties. They argue that these meetings allow the nation to gain valuable insights, explore potential collaborations, and showcase its commitment to global cooperation. As Minister Duggins continues almost on a weekly basis to attend international gatherings, it is essential for him to strike a balance between fulfilling his diplomatic duties and ensuring his presence at home to address pressing domestic matters. Transparency regarding the outcomes and benefits of such trips would also help allay concerns and demonstrate the tangible impacts of his international engagements. Minister Samal Duggins should take into account the growing criticism over his frequent travel as well as the frequent travel of his Cabinet colleagues . Striking a balance and being more transparent about the purpose and results of these trips will be crucial in enhancing public support and understanding.

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