Master Artist Vaughn Anslyn Immortalizes Two Cricket Legends in Murals on Elquemedo Willet Park Wall

Renowned artist Vaughn Anslyn has once again demonstrated his legendary talent by immortalizing two iconic Nevisian cricket stars in stunning murals on the wall of Elquemedo Willet Park in Nevis. The late Runako Morton, affectionately known as “Archie,” and the living legend Keith Arthurton have been brought to life through Anslyn’s masterful brushstrokes, capturing their essence and celebrating their contributions to cricket.

Vaughn Anslyn, a proud native of Nevis, believes that art chose him. Despite having no formal training, his innate ability to translate the world’s beauty onto various canvases has garnered him international acclaim. As a Caribbean artist, decorator, designer, and photographer, Anslyn has a unique talent for evoking emotional responses with his creative works.

Born on the picturesque island of Nevis, Anslyn’s art knows no boundaries. His creations adorn paper, wood, stones, walls, and any surface that catches his artistic eye. While much of his artwork is shipped and sold overseas, reflecting the growing global appreciation for his talent, Anslyn has always aimed to reach beyond the confines of his home island.

“My expertise was not tailor-made for the federation. If I were to do that, I would just be limiting myself,” Anslyn explains. “I love street art because it gives me a chance to display my work to the general public. It’s the perfect canvas to display my work in terms of emotional value, so I try to send messages with my street art.”

At the market in St. Kitts, Anslyn has painted an abstract, colorful image brimming with hidden messages—fruits, vegetables, fish, and flowers are all intricately engraved within the vibrant artwork. “I do them without thought. I think if I get too much into concentrating on what they mean, what they represent, and who would like this or that, I would lose sight of what I am doing. So it’s best that I go through it with an open heart and a clear conscience. Those are the ones people gravitate to the most,” Anslyn shares.

Vaughn Anslyn’s creations are proudly displayed at Christophe Harbour, Charlestown Gallery, and on his social media pages. He credits his art and his God-given talent for all his accomplishments. “The best part of it is touching other people’s lives, offering inspiration.”

Keith Lloyd Thomas Arthurton, a former West Indian cricketer, was one of the first players to emerge from Nevis, playing 33 Tests and continuing in one-day matches until 1999. Runako Shakur Morton, also a Nevisian cricketer, represented the West Indies in all formats of the game, known for his skills as a right-handed batsman and off-break bowler.

Through Anslyn’s murals, the legacies of these two cricket legends will continue to inspire future generations, embodying the spirit and pride of Nevisian culture.

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