Massive Amounts of Contra-band including Cell phones, drugs, alcohol , makeshift weapons among items seized during 3 Week Lock Down at Her Majesty’s prison

Basseterre, St.Kitts (February 22nd 2016):- The 3 Week Lock-Down of Her MaJesty’s Prison by recently appointed Superintendent of Prisons Junie Hodge has resulted in the seizure of thousands of contraband items including 125 phones, 160 lighters, Scores of Make-shift weapons including knives, marijuana, crack-cocaine alcohol and much more.

The 3 week exercise netted the largest haul of contraband in the history of the Insitution. Superintendent Hodge met with the media on Monday February 22nd and revealed the results of his exercise which was described as “mind-boggling”.

Photos By WINN FM

Hodge told the media in a report last week that the massive haul raises suspicion of staff involvement in the smuggling of the items into the Prisons.

Alcohol in plastic bottles were thrown over the prison wall. Lighters and cell phones were found hidden in various items like mop heads, bed foam, rolls of toilet paper, the soles of shoes and wooden bed frames.

Batteries and foil were used to charge cell phones. Tobacco and  approximately 8 lbs of marijuana and a small about of crack-cociane were seized. Also seized were matches and wrappers used for smoking.

A glance through the items pictured and found shows the tremendous creativity of the inmates in the way they concealed their contraband items as well as how they constructed and operated certain gadgets to facilitate the operation of items such as the cell phones.

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