The coziness between the CCM in opposition in the Federal parliament and the unhinged Labour government exposes a train wreck in the making for the people living on the island of St. Kitts and the making of a King on the island of Nevis It was painful listening to the sitting of parliament on Thursday 25th May to hear from the incompetent, naive, cocky, ignorant, arrogant Representatives of Labour, as they stood in front of the camera for the whole world to see, admitting that the two bills that were rushed through parliament having three readings on the same day, were drafted by the NIA and handed to them with a proverbial gun pointing at their heads Opposition can put Bills to parliament as provision is made for that and is practiced all over the world but for an opposition to hand a bill to the Government seemingly under threat, for the government Chief legal officer Attorney General Garth Wilkin to table in the Federal parliament demonstrates that the proverbial tail is wagging the dog The Bills which effectively amends the way that the constitution is set to work have not been subjected to scrutiny from the Bar Association or any other relevant body or interested party. Worse, it has not been treated to any consultative processes with the people who voted overwhelmingly in 1983 for independence, after an extensive consultation process throughout the length and breath of the Federation leading up to Independence.The conduct of Garth Wilkin and the Labour Government amounts to a two handed backhand slap on both cheeks of the people of our Federation as they stood in a jaw dropping state with their mouths wide open; and I felt the slaps; every last finger was imprinted on my cheeks There is no secret that the Goal of the National Hero Sir Simeon Daniel was to secede from the Federation which is a goal equally fully embraced by Premier Mark Brantley long before he embarked on the political journey This is not being critical of their position, but a historical fact evidenced by the unofficial referendum vote of 1997 when 98% of electors voting in Nevis, gave a mandate to Sir Simeon. Many persons do not recall it and some young people don’t know it and have never taken the time to read about it. Only 14 votes were cast in that referendum supporting a union between St. Kitts and Nevis to remain in tact Since gaining independence there have been two failed attempts by Nevisians to secede having invoked section 113 of the ConstitutionThe politicians however from Nevis continue to flex year after year resulting in the exercise of more power than provided by the constitution and have succeeded in doing so with much success The breakdown of the financial arrangements is an example of their flex; the demand of CBI resources is also an example of their flex; their passage of some Ordinances like (Integrity in Public Life) goes way beyond the scope of authority of the NIA Now that Her Ladyship Dane Janice Peirera has made it clear that some powers of the NIA which they have been exercising are unconstitutional, here comes perhaps the most egregious flex. *Change the effects of the constitution through the back door *And there is no shame in admitting that they were doing it all the time as they flex. They don’t say let’s look at constitutional reforms; they force their will on the lame duck Labour government This is one more step to secession in my humble view aided and abetted by the incompetent Labour administration with the boastful barefaced arrogance of AG Garth Wilkin and Representative Konris Maynard, both of whom either don’t know their history, don’t care, or perhaps plain ignorant and arrogant The people of our federation deserved an input into this most fundamental move by its leaders who I am tempted to describe as misleaders because of this failure on their partKonris is so daft that he thinks it is a joke to say that the Opposition opposing the Opposition, because right thinking Opposition members called for consultation Does he not realize that he and his naive incompetent colleagues are demonstrating his/their ignorance which tantamount to them having been hoodwinked?While I agree wholeheartedly that the decision written by the Chief Justice requires some attention perhaps urgent attention, the procedure which has been used without consultation and rushed through parliament exposes the ineptness of the Labour Government and has set the country on a course of disintegrationHas the rushed passage of these two bills addressed the concerns of the Court? Who is the expert that drafted those bills? This last parliament exposes the Labour Government as inept, incompetent and unfit for prime time while Brantley laughs at and gets crowned as a KING

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