Legendary Basketball Administrator James “Barman” Hanley Appeals to Minister of Sports for Urgent Improvements at Basketball City

Basseterre, St. Kitts – In a heartfelt plea to the Ministry of Sports, legendary basketball administrator James “Barman” Hanley has called for urgent attention to be paid to the main basketball facility at Basketball City. Hanley’s concerns are particularly pressing given the apparent absence of plans for a long-overdue indoor basketball facility on the ministry’s agenda.

In a recent social media post, Hanley shared his thoughts under the title “From The Bar,” emphasizing the need for immediate and serious development work before the start of the 2025 season.

“Today I am making an appeal to the Ministry of Sports to make some serious development to our main basketball facility in the Federation. In my opinion, and I hope I am wrong, an indoor facility is not on the agenda at this time. To this end, I am using this medium to ask the Ministry to do some serious work at Basketball City before the start of the 2025 season,” Hanley wrote.

Highlighting specific issues, Hanley detailed the following urgent needs:

  1. Surface Resurfacing: The current matting lacks proper drainage, causing water to seep to the surface during play after rain, making it impossible to use the court. Hanley mentioned that the SKNABA has new matting ready for use.
  2. International Standards: The court needs to be upgraded to meet international standards, with enough space available to facilitate this improvement.
  3. Adjustable Supports: Introducing adjustable supports is crucial for the development of younger players.
  4. Facilities Upgrade: The building on the west side should be demolished and replaced with a structure that can serve as an office and meeting room for the Association, which would also free up the players’ changing rooms.
  5. Stands Repair: The stands, especially those on the south side, require significant repairs.

Hanley also pointed out the lack of international financial assistance to the SKNABA compared to other sports. “Speaking as someone who has been involved since 1977, there is no international financial assistance to the SKNABA like in other sports. I hope my little concerns will be taken seriously,” he added.

Additionally, Hanley urged the Ministry to address the condition of the Dorset Park Court, noting that it has never been resurfaced since its construction began in 1977. Despite this, it remains the best-kept community court in the federation.

“Finally, please, Mr. Minister, the Dorset Park Court needs serious resurfacing. Looking forward to some action,” Hanley concluded.

This impassioned appeal underscores the vital need for investment in local sports infrastructure to support the growth and development of basketball in St. Kitts and Nevis. The ball is now in the court of Hon. Samal Duggins and the Ministry of Sports to respond to these pressing concerns and take the necessary steps to improve Basketball City.

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