Legal Counsel Advises Republic Bank Customers to Challenge Unauthorized Debits

Legal counsel is urging Republic Bank customers to challenge and reject the unauthorized withdrawals and debits from their accounts. According to the Republic Bank’s Account Services Agreement, the bank is liable for losses resulting from technical problems, bank errors, or system malfunctions. Combined with the ECCB’s Code of Best Practice for Financial Institutions and the Basic Principles of Good Banking Practice, it is evident that Republic Bank’s actions at the end of April were unjustified.

Affected customers are reporting severe hardships, including being coerced into signing for loans under duress to cover their bills. Others face threats when attempting to move their accounts to different banks. Additionally, holds have been placed on related persons’ accounts, and payday direct deposits are being debited or made inaccessible. Such actions are described as inhumane and unacceptable for any financial institution.

Customers across Anguilla, St. Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, and the broader region are advised to reject these debits and seek legal counsel immediately. Legal experts stress that the affected individuals have strong grounds for challenging the bank’s actions, which have caused undue distress and financial instability.

Customers are encouraged to assert their rights and ensure that Republic Bank is held accountable for the mishandling of their accounts.

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