Latest JOBS Report Excellent News for Nevis


Charlestown, Nevis (Monday 27th February) :- Recent official Social Security jobs numbers have painted an excellent picture of job creation on the island of Nevis.

Numbers show a record high 5590 Jobs in Nevis. In other words there are 5590 persons employed on the island.

The last time the employment numbers were within this range  was in 2005 the last year of the CCM Administration before losing office to the NRP in 2006. The numbers then  in 2005 were a record 5560 jobs .

In the following years after 2005 until 2010 Jobs fell to a low of 4321  under the leadership of Hon Joseph Parry and the  NRP led  Nevis Island Administration. Under the NRP Led administration Nevis experienced  a loss of 1239 jobs . By 2012 numbers had recovered slightly to 4874. This represents job losses in Nevis over the term of the NRP led NIA  of some 686 jobs or some 12.34%.

Jobs numbers rebounded to 4993 in 2013 under the leadership of Hon Vance Amory and the CCM and now stands at a record 5590 for 2016, the highest ever in the history of Nevis. This reflects some 716 new jobs in 4 years under CCM, an increase of 14.7%.

Deputy Premier of Nevis Hon. Mark Brantley commented on the numbers and said , “These are official jobs so this does not reflect the informal economy where additional jobs exist. By any measure these numbers underscore the positive and steady expansion of the Nevis economy. I extend heartiest congratulations to Premier Amory for his excellent stewardship of the Nevis economy,”

Deputy Premier Brantley credits the increase in employment chiefly to a rise in entrepreneurship, private sector expansion, and NIA capital projects. He said the CCM government has created an economic climate conducive to growth and he expects to see the resulting increase in economic activity and job creation continue.

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