“INVOLVED IN A MURDER? CATCH A FLIGHT !” St.Kitts and Nevis National Security Advisor Surrenders to Crime. Shocking Advice Sparks Outrage. Government Has No Solutions for Crime

National Security Advisor’s Shocking Advice Sparks Outrage

National Security Advisor Lionel Rawlins of St. Kitts and Nevis has left the nation reeling with his recent controversial statement. Addressing the press, Rawlins advised individuals suspected of involvement in murder to flee the country, stating, “If you know that you’re involved in the murder of someone, I would encourage you to borrow some money, buy an airline ticket, and leave the island.”

This brazen declaration has ignited widespread shock and condemnation across the nation. Many are calling for Rawlins’s immediate resignation, labeling his remarks as callous, dangerous, and ill-advised. The notion of advising murderers to evade justice and or possible reprisal has rightly sparked outrage among citizens and officials alike.

During the announcement, the visible discomfort and embarrassment of Rawlins’s colleagues, including Chief of Police Sutton and Commander of the Defense Force Comry, were apparent. Their reactions mirrored the sentiments of the public, highlighting the gravity of Rawlins’s reckless statement.

National security is a pillar of any functioning society, built upon principles of justice and protection for all citizens. Rawlins’s remarks not only undermine these principles but also erode public trust in the very institutions tasked with safeguarding their safety. As the fallout continues, calls for accountability and integrity within the nation’s leadership grow louder by the day.

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