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By: Media Source

Once again, St.Kitts-Nevis nationals were  appalled at the uncontrollable and despicable behavior of Leader of the Opposition Dr. Denzil Douglas in the National Assembly on Tuesday 23rd January. This was in response to the news that the he was being taken to court for owning and using a passport of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Douglas arrived late to the sitting and was Visibly unhappy . No Doubt after likely receiving an official notice or summons regarding the official intention of the Attorney-General to pursue a declaration by the court regarding Dr Douglas’ eligibility to remain a sitting MP after acquring a diplomatic passport from a foreign country namely Dominica.  Dr Douglas in responding to the matter began to be  abusive and disrespectful to the Speaker and the Attorney General. In pursuance of a much highher standard of parliament Speaker Perkins chastised and warned Dr Douglas several times regarding his behaviour. Dr. Douglas did not take heed and was subsequently named and asked to leave the assembly with a 5 day suspension.       Speaker Perkins  has established a different standard of conduct for 2018 and has encouraged all parliamentarians to adopt and act accordingly.

“Dr Douglas was not in his home where he could do whatever he pleases. He was in the Federal Parliament. There needs to be a new ORDER in Parliament, a new standard so that parliamentary sessions are worthy of being broadcasted to the nation and to the world. Dr Douglas, in his entire public life, seems to have always taken the low ground and lived by being abrasive, abusive and aggressive to opponents and colleagues. Apparently he does not like to be challenged once he has convinced himself he is ‘right”. This supremely self-righteous one thinks that he must be given his way every time. He needs to learn to show kindness and consideration of others and simple basic traits of love. Why does he not learn?” said an observer


“Each new day that dawns with Dr Harris as Prime Minister is a blessing for SKN and means a spirit of love, cooperation and collaboration will prevail between the sister islands, our people and political leaders. On the other hand, each day that dawns with this angry parliamentarian who carries a Dominican passport with ‘mixed up’ allegiance to self, Dominica, and occasionally, St. Kitts and Nevis, creates a sad day for us in SKN.” the observer continued


The Observer concluded “This speaks to dishonesty, deception and a Trump-style effort to blatantly mislead the people of SKN by him. From his uncontrollable and despicable conduct last Tuesday, Dr Douglas should not be in parliament, should never be allowed in government again and should be replaced as the leader of the Labour Party.”

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