Interpol Officially Notified Douglas-led St.Kitts-Nevis Government of Ren Baio Since 2014. Current PM Harris led Team UNITY Gov’t to Deal with Issue within boundaries of the Law

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The former Dr. Denzil Douglas St.Kitts-Nevis Labour Party/NRP Government is now being blasted as the facts surrounding the issue regarding Chinese National Ren Baio is becoming known.

Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris while speaking on the People’s Voice Morning Show on Sugar City FM Monday morning declared the Ren Biao issue as a bad inheritance of the Denzil Douglas administration. 

“In 2014 Interpol formally advised the Denzil Douglas administration that the suspects, if you will, were coming to St Kitts and he ought to have taken action. Indeed in the report that was submitted in July 2014 by the Interpol authorities from Washington, they gave the Denzil Douglas administration the name of the Chinese that was coming. This information is being relayed to the Denzil Douglas administration and to advise Interpol. Well if the gentleman and the lady are here as citizens of St Kitts and Nevis and Douglas had this notice, this warning, this flash flash report from Interpol, Douglas ought to be ashamed of himself to now to be coming talking about these same persons, for if there was anyone who harboured them it would have been the Denzil Douglas administration.”

PM Harris describes the whole controversy as a  “Douglas calamity” and promised that the Team UNITY Administration  intends dealing with the issue within the boundaries of the constitution and guided by law.

PM Harris also reiterated the statement made by Attorney General Vincent Byron who said that the current UNITY Government received NO OFFICIAL REQUEST for Biao from any governmnet including the Chinese government.

“We now have to determine the best course forward having regard to the constitution and the rule of law and whatever we do the pride of our country and the dignity attached to our country’s name must remain in tact,” Prime Minister Harris declared.

Ren Baio is one of 6 SKN Economic Citizens on Interpol’s Most Wanted List. All 6 obtained their Citizeonship under the Dr. Denzil Douglas led regime which was heavily chastised by Canadian and US Govt authorities about what they say as the mismanagement of the CBI programme by the Douglas gov’t. As a result of this mismanagement both the Canadian and US gov’ts took very drastic actions. In the CASE of Canada they removed the visa waiver privilege from all SKN passports and the US issued a FINCEN Advisory regarding the country’s CBI programme and what they described as the programme’s lax due diligence which allowed illicit actors to gain SKN Citizenship.

The new Team UNITY Government since taking office has revamped the programme and the new IMF Lauded SKN CBI programme is now regarded as the platinum standard of Citizenship Programmes in the World.



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