Institutional-Based Health Services at the JNF General Hospital Announces New Promotions in Nursing Leadership

Basseterre, St. Kitts, August 2, 2023 – The Joseph N France General Hospital (JNF) is excited to announce the promotion of three esteemed Staff Nurses to the position of Assistant Nurse Manager. The promotions come after a rigorous and competitive interview process, which highlighted their vast knowledge, proficiency, and dedication to healthcare.
Staff Nurse Valencia Rawlings, a trusted member of the Oncology Ward, has accepted her new role as an Assistant Nurse Manager. Rawlings has been a source of comfort and expertise for cancer patients for many years and is renowned for her in-depth knowledge and compassionate care.
At the Maternity Ward, Staff Nurse Nelyssa Hutchinson will step into her new leadership role. Known for her adept skills and understanding of prenatal and postnatal care, Hutchinson has consistently demonstrated her ability to handle high-pressure situations with remarkable calm and competence.
Lastly, Staff Nurse Thelesha Gordon of the Ophthalmic Unit will also be taking on an Assitant Nurse Manager role. Gordon has played an integral role in improving patient outcomes in her unit, exhibiting a remarkable ability to balance detailed care with overall health management.
Collectively, Rawlings, Hutchinson, and Gordon represent over 25 years of nursing experience in their respective fields. Their promotions are not only a testament to their individual skills and devotion, but they also reflect the depth of talent present within the JNF nursing staff.
The Ministry of Health fully supports these promotions. “We have absolute confidence in the abilities of Valencia, Nelyssa and Thelesha,” said the Principal Nursing Officer, Dr. Rondalyn Bradshaw. “Their years of service and dedication to their respective units have shown us they are ready to take on these new managerial roles. We look forward to seeing their positive influence on the hospital’s patient care and the entire nursing staff.”
As Nurse Managers, Rawlings, Hutchinson, and Gordon will oversee the daily operations in their respective departments, mentor new and current nurses, and play a vital role in ensuring the continuous delivery of high-quality patient care.

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