iConnect Launches Passenger/Vehicle Ferry Service ‘Bridging the Crossing’ to Connect St. Kitts and Nevis Islands

On May 14th, 2024, a significant milestone was achieved in the transportation infrastructure of St. Kitts and Nevis with the inauguration of iConnect’s ferry service, aptly named “Bridging the Crossing.” This new service aims to enhance connectivity between the two islands, offering competitive rates and daily departures for the transportation of vehicles and large groups.

The ferry route currently operates between Major’s Bay in St. Kitts and Long Point in Nevis, providing a vital link that reduces travel time to approximately 40 minutes. iConnect promises the highest standards of safety at sea, ensuring passengers can embark on their journeys with peace of mind. Additionally, a commitment to maintaining a clean and healthy environment underscores iConnect’s dedication to sustainability.

Moreover, punctuality is prioritized, guaranteeing on-time departures and arrivals to accommodate the busy schedules of travelers. Alongside efficiency, iConnect prides itself on delivering courteous and professional service, ensuring a pleasant experience for all passengers.

iConnect emerges as the indispensable lifeline between the two islands, operating year-round to serve the needs of residents and visitors alike. With “Bridging the Crossing,” iConnect reaffirms its dedication to fostering connectivity, convenience, and reliability in transportation services, ultimately serving the island and its people.

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