CRIME: We Are Part Of The Problem !

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Social Commentary by

Paul Martin


First of all…..there is absolutely NOTHING that the Govt or police can do by themselves that will solve this problem of crime and general lawlessness. So please, can we stop passing the buck and putting all the responsibility on them to save us?

It is not a Dougie, or Tim, or police, or army, or schools, or church problem. It is a society problem. WE ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

When people cry and caste blame for the problem, yet have criminals living in their homes but say/do nothing because they somehow benefit from the rewards of criminal activity…..YOU are part of the problem.

When authorities ignore certain people with dark tints but harrass other people, and can’t be trusted to be confidential when people give information, and evidence mysteriously go missing, and the entire Police Force gets a bad name because of only a few bad apples…..THAT is part of the problem.

When officers who are responsible for protecting our borders are themselves accused of violating said borders (Customs importing guns), THAT is part of the problem…..

When mothers demand that something be done about crime, but shield their sons from authorities when they know that they’ve done wrong, sell their souls for bail money, go up to schools to pick fights with teachers for disciplining their child, encourage adult males to trouble their daughters because “money in it”…. THAT is part of the problem….

When people are allowed to park anywhere, cross the street anywhere, set up shop anywhere on the sidewalk, use profanity anywhere (including on the trailer during Carnival), thereby encouraging lawless behavior which leads to even bigger crimes and more disrespect for law and order…..THAT is part of the problem….

When we as parents don’t make an effort to teach, train, and discipline our children (that WE created) from an early age, but instead want to be lazy and say nonsense like “I can’t go with him/her…”, When that child is only 4 or 5 years old… how do expect to control that child when he)she turns 8, 10, 15? THAT IS PART OF THE PROBLEM. Don’t blame young people, we the adults have them so!

When the only people who cry the loudest about crime are the ones directly affected, while the rest of us just give idle lip service, when we prefer to argue back and forth about which politician/party is at fault…..THAT is part of the problem.

And by the way, corruption is not some fancy term that only applies to elected officials. We as a society in general are all corrupt; corrupted by greed, the need to look for ourselves and not care about others, as long as we are not affected by crime etc. Willing to look the other way and allow weapons etc to pass, just to get paid a quick dollar. Or allow our votes to be for sale, our underage daughters and sons to be for sale…..we as a society are corrupt, and THAT is part of the problem.
At the end of the day, WE ALL have a responsibility to put in the effort to raise our children right, and reduce the risk of them going astray as they age, to the point where it’s too late to save them. WE ALL have a responsibility to obey the laws, ALL THE LAWS, and set an example for everyone, because respect for law and order is essential.

WE ALL have a responsibility to look at the person in the mirror, and demand that he/she do better, and be good citizens at all times, not when it’s convenient to us.

Unless there is a change in our attitude, society, culture, unless WE ALL commit to upholding better standards of conduct/behavior that others (especially the youth) can follow, unless those basic foundations are reestablished, encouraged, and even enforced by those with the authority to do so, unless WE ALL as a people admit to ourselves that WE are part of the problem, things will never get any better.

I could go on, but I think by now… get the point…..

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