Hundreds of School Children Packed the Streets for Labour Day Sugar Band Jam


It was a mini jouvert on Labour Day when hundreds os school children jammed through the streets of Basseterre for what has now become the annual Labour Day Jam with the Sugar Band.
The Jam session started in the West and made it’s way though downtown Basseterre some distance behind the traditional Labour Day March organized by the St.Kitts-Nevis Labour Party and Trades and Labour Union.

The mood of the Sugar Band Jam was certainly carnival like and festive with the band blaring some of it’s new chants and latest hits. The revelers all seem totally detached , unaware and uninterested in the march that proceeded some 100 m ahead.
“As long as Sugar Band on the road I am there ,” said one reveler. While another declared “Sugar Band Alone !!”
The Jam Session took place largely without incident mainly as a result of the heavy police presence.

The Sugar Band became a fixture on the road for Labour Day some years ago as part of the traditional labour day march in an effort to draw young persons to the annual workers day procession. It was clear that the hundreds behind the Sugar Band were not in the least concerned about what was being said or going on a few hundred meters in front of them.
The Street Jam Session concluded on Wigley Ave .

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