OECS iLAND Resilience Project Launches First Ever UX UI E-Newsletter in the Sub-Region

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Chamberlain Emmanuel Project Manager of the iLAND Resilience Project

Ramon Peachy- Head of Communications at the OECS

The OECS sub-region’s first “user experience/ user interface”/UX UI e-newsletter is launched today. The e-newsletter dubbed “iLAND Matters”, serves the OECS region and by extension, the Caribbean but has a global reach.
“iLAND Matters” is a modern communication tool of the OECS iLAND Resilience Project. It informs the public on how best to safeguard their lives and properties against harsh and intense weather conditions.
Project Manager of the iLAND Resilience Project, Chamberlain Emmanuel informed that the e-newsletter is one of the many groundbreaking public awareness interventions put forward by the OECS. He says that the e-newsletter is unique and interactive in that users are able to “click back” and access the newsletter’s website, from their emails. He noted that the e-newsletter is also shareable and can be accessed via mobile devices. He says because of this, he is eager to provide a platform to explain climate change and sustainable land management issues and its importance to the public.
“ The OECS iLAND Resilience Project has to do with engagement and Participation of the public and various stakeholders. Therefore, it is important we have the various tools and media to engage the public, and to be able to impact knowledge on Climate Change and Sustainable Land Management, as well as to empower them to be able to respond to those impacts” says Emmanuel
The OECS iLAND Resilience project focuses on Sustainable Land Management and Climate Change Resilience Best Practices. Presently there are a number of ongoing projects in member territories, which addresses issues like food security, slope management, and ecosystem restoration, among others. Emmanuel explains that the iLAND Matters e-newsletter gives an in-depth view on the progress, and benefits of each of these projects to the member states. He states that Climate Change is no longer a future issue, but an issue for now, and should concern us all.
“Adaptation which helps us to be resilient to those impacts is very critical. Therefore, we have put adaptation as the focus of the project. Adaptation in terms of hard measures like physical works, and soft measures like policy interventions” Emmanuel continued.
iLAND Matters touches on the 2017 hurricane season and the way forward for the region. It also highlights the contributions of the general public in the fight against climate change.
Head of Communications at the OECS, Ramon Peachy, tells us that although climate change can be a bit technical, the e-newsletter will entail a number of exciting competitions and edutainment content. Users will be able to upload photos and send in video content. He says that the e-newsletter forms part of the OECS’s mandate- to reach and communicate with the wide OECS region.
“We have a broad audience across the OECS and Internationally as well, it is vital that we reach out to these audiences and stakeholder. The electronic newsletter is important because it is a means of direct marketing and communication to all our audiences’ enforced Peachy
The content packed e-newsletter is dynamic and easy to use. The OCES informs that the iLAND Matters e-newsletter will be updated bi monthly.
The public is invited to submit photos and stories on climate change or sustainable land management issues. The public is also asked to visit the website / at http://www.ilandresilience.org/ and subscribe to remain informed on projects and to participate in the exciting competitions that come out in every edition.

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