Hammond Still Discovered and Destroyed in Nevis

Detail of heavy liquids catcher (vertical white PVC pipe) and conderser tank. The large drum is filled with rainwater. A coil of 1" diameter copper tubing spirals inside the drum to cool the vapors, condensing them into Hammond bush rum.

As a result of a joint operation an “illicit still” otherwise known as a Hammond (Bush Rum) still  was discovered on a plot of land in Hanley’s Road, nevis.

According to the police report  a large quantity of 5 gallon plastic bottles containing water, as well as large plastic garbage drums with molasses were found . There were also other paraphernalia including hoses, small plastic and glass bottles, as well as a large metal drum with an attached nozzle to the bottom, filled with a liquid with a strong odor of  alcohol.

The find was totally dismantled and destroyed. No one was made answerable to the discovery. Occurrence took place about 06:30 hrs on March 09.

In 2012 the police made a similar find and arrested and fined Movel “Reds” Claxton of Hanley’s Road . Claxton was fined $5000 after law enforcement officers caught him red-handed making the illegal rum at his residence.


Claxton was charged with unlawfully making illicit spirit; unlawfully having an illicit still in his possession, having in his possession two containers of Wash (Wash is fermented alcohol that is used for distilling) and distilling illicit spirit.

Claxton pleaded guilty to all four charges.


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