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Information Technology (IT) professional and host of Only Good News on Winn FM, Enoete L. Inanga has recently written a book titled, “The Becoming of Adiaha, Inside Out”, that is available for digital purchase on

The full name of the book is “The Becoming of Adiaha, Inside Out: The not-so-true but funny sperm & the egg story of how my daughter came into being” and shows the creatively wild imagination of the author as he writes a parody on the life story of how his daughter Adiaha was created.

According to the description on Amazon, this book captures the funny adventures of the main character, ‘Lil Larry’ and all his other “semen” friends who race to fertilize a prized egg, ‘Sassy Kari’.

It is described as a creative and exciting read that keeps a readers’ full attention as well as humorous.

The story came to being when he entered a writing competition hosted by Commonwealth Writers in 2019, which encouraged writers to write fictional unpublished stories within a 5000 word limit for a prize.

Although he did not win the grand prize, what was born out of this essay was much more rewarding.

He credits a close friend for encouraging him to enter the competition and as he thought about an interesting topic, one night it made sense to him that writing about his passion was key and that it would be about his daughter.

“To be honest, this story wouldn’t have happened if it had not been for the influence of who I would call a true friend in every sense of the word “friend”; Naony.  She was the one who told me about a writing contest back in 2019,” he said.

“My daughter was who came first to mind in terms of writing about my passion but what to write about was still eluding me. A few days later, I went to a safe space, sat down with my laptop and literally started writing a story about the sperm and the egg and how that created my daughter. 

“I had NO clue how it would go, how it would end, but I just kept writing and writing.  And then after a while, it became apparent that this was more than a silly story. It was a story about friendship, a story that represented my life somewhat, being a bit of a slow learner, being more cerebral, being the kid that was not always the popular one but more so known for being ‘weird’.” 

Originally, Inanga decided to publish his story on but after connecting with an Illustrator Asim Hussain, his quality of work was enough for him to realize that the book had to be published on a Amazon.

“I feel this is a way to pay tribute to my late father, who was an avid Author.  Whenever he picked up his pen, amazing things happened.  He passed away two years ago and definitely this is something I really wish he would have been alive to witness; his son becoming an author.”

Inanga has been involved in the IT profession for over 10 years but expressed that he sees himself as more of an “expressive creative than an IT professional”. 

“Writing has always been a gateway for the pursuit of opportunities. Writing was what ultimately got me accepted to my preferred secondary school. Writing was what made me into a better athlete when I was actively competing as a track athlete both for my alma mater (DePaul University) and eventually for St. Kitts and Nevis. Writing got me through difficult moments in my relationships. So writing has always been a part of me,” he said.

Crediting this accomplishment as a push in the right direction, Inanga is hoping that with the right dose of creativity, motivation and conviction, part two of this book will be completed and has what some might think as crazy lofty goals as he hope it can be an animation perhaps featured on Netflix or Dreamworks.

“My life has always been premised on preparation meeting opportunity. I’ve put in the work, taken the risks, and I’ll see what happens next,” he said. 

Describing himself as a nerdy, cerebral, bad-joke-telling, musician, who wants to see more good in the world, he launched a platform last year that would express all of that in the form of

“I want to give the world more reasons to be good, to be positive, to seek peace and to look out for each other,” he said. “If you have an interest in doing something like this but you are stuck, the best thing to do is to write and share with persons who can support you in the right way.  Put out your work. Take risks. And use your life experiences to make your stories and your work as inherently unique as you are.”

As a true Girl-Dad, the book is dedicated to Inanga’s five-year-old daughter Adiaha Inanga, whom he hopes that with his efforts, she will grow to become the best version of herself.

For now, the book is only available via the Amazon Kindle app: 

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