Government of St. Kitts-Nevis Underscores Partnership with European Union by Launching Visibility and Communication Campaign

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Contributors to the Visibility and Communication Campaign, (Middle)Dr. Stephen Boyce, Programme Manager, (Far L-R) SFA Communications Consultant, Alison Saunders, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Beverly Harris and Calvin Edwards, Deputy Financial Secretary/Deputy NAO.



Basseterre, St. Kitts, June 12, 2018 (SKNIS): Under the theme “Partners for Progress,” the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis launched a Visibility and Communication Campaign, on June 12, to highlight the outcomes of its partnership with the European Union (EU).


Speaking at the launching ceremony at the Ocean Terrace Inn (OTI), Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Beverly Harris, explained that in June 2016, the National Authorizing Office (NAO) in the Ministry of Finance, commenced the undertaking of the scope of the assignment to advance the development of the campaign. She highlighted the partnership between the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis and the European Union.


“This collaboration has served to advance the continued development and modernization of services provided in the areas of social protection, land management and administration and education,” she said. “With commitment from the EU, the SFA Communications was selected to document what has been a commitment in nation building by both the government and the European Union.”


As a result, she said, the outputs and achievements to date have been concisely put together and communicated utilizing mediums that would appeal to all facets of the community.


Calvin Edwards, Deputy Financial Secretary/Deputy NAO in the Ministry of Finance, said that the campaign will visually and audibly highlight the accomplishments and progress of the partnership between the government and the EU. He added that this will be better articulated by beneficiaries themselves and will now become a part of the visibility and communications campaign. 


“This campaign is an important element in the government’s engagements in the public and will be sustained through the efforts of the ministries with responsibility for the continued delivery of services and transformation of the sectors,” said Mr. Edwards.  


The office of the NAO used the opportunity to thank the European Union for its unwavering commitment and contribution to the development of the Federation. The office also thanked the beneficiaries and stakeholders, both public and private, who made the final products possible.  


Dr. Stephen Boyce, EU Programme Manager, said that the visibility and communication campaign will help the general public to better understand not only the achievements under the programme, but also the potential opportunities going forward.


“Now that we have done our part, now that the government has done its part, it is up to the citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis to move this initiative forward,” said Dr. Boyce.  


SFA Communications Consultant, Alison Saunders, stated that communication tactics included media training for spokespersons, media outreach, four video features, two radio public service announcements, and an e-zine (electronic newsletter) on four projects. Two focus groups were created to review the projects.


After the launch, the media was invited to ask questions and participate in discussions about the material presented.

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