Former Prime Minister admits removing possibly sensitive Government Documents from Government Headquarters when St.Kitts-Nevis Election Results Announcement Halted

Dr. Denzil Douglas at March 12th RALLY OF THE Opposition SKN Labour Party
Dr. Denzil Douglas at March 12th RALLY OF THE Opposition SKN Labour Party

Dr. Denzil Douglas at March 12th RALLY OF THE Opposition SKN Labour Party

In what many are describing as a stunning revaltion Former Prime Minister of St.Kitts-Nevis declared at his party’s Public Rally in Basseterre, St.Kitts that he was at his office during the early morning of February 17th just around the time of the now infamous cessation of the  announcement of the Elections results by Ag Supervisor of Elections Wingrove “Parrot” George .

George’s abrupt halt was unprecedented and many speculated as to the real reason why he took such actions. One of the many theories that were circulated was that George, allegedly under the instructions of Dr. Denzil Douglas, halted the announcement of results after it became clear that the SKN Labour Party/NRP Administration had lost the elections as the Team UNITY Alliance by then had already secured a majority of 6 of the 11 seats available. They went on to pick up an extra seat earning them 7 of 11 seats .

Douglas noted to the small crowd of die hard supporters that at around 4am on the 17th of February just as the country began to see clear signs of his administration’s demise and he had lost the election   he was sneaking into his former office and removing what may be very sensitive government documents.  Documents which would no doubt directly connect him to a number of scandals that have dogged the administration for the last decade.   Douglas emphatically   said “Mind you me ain’t stupid you nuh!!! ….Me ain leave nothing down there that they looking for ……They must be think I stupid ?…..Me nuh stupid….TELL DEM I went down by me office(GHQ)  4’O Clock in the morning and me tek wha me want but me personal effects down there still !!!”

The statement adds credibility to those who have declared that the unprecedented actions by Wingrove George was done to facilitate the removal of items from government headquarters of an evidentiary nature in possible future investigations into the many allegations of corruption that has been leveled against Dr. Douglas and his regime.

The former 20 year long Prime Minister invited and some may say incited his supporters to follow him to Government Headquarters to collect his personal items the next day Friday March 13th .

The Newly Elected Team UNITY Administration has not commented on the statement by Douglas however they have announced that all the events surrounding the Ag Supervisor of Elections’ actions on February 16th and 17th are under investigation by the Criminal Investigation Department.

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